Foods I Can Eat

Dragon Fruit

I’ve been on the low-FODMAP diet for nearly five years now and dragon fruit is one of the seven fruits I’m allowed to eat.

But it’s the only fruit on my list of can’t-be-bothered foods.

It’s beautiful to look at, I’ll grant you. I find it hard to eat past its perfume-like scent and its taste is little better than that vegetable beloved by many older Australians, the choko… it’s that bland.

My First Post

My first post. Gotta make it count. This blog will feature news and stories from my part of the real, consensual, world; stories from the virtual world where I spend a lot of my time; and, inevitably, talk about the future we’re apparently speeding toward.

In my real world it is now 1.28 pm and I am too hungry to continue with this set up. Yes, I’m stopping for lunch.

LowFODMAP lunch. Gluten free pancake made with egg. Avocado on top for protein. My whole ration of tomatoes for the day. Pawpaw for my fruit. Water to drink.