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Doomed? 1: Mongrel

Tardi Malko is a 22nd century Byron Bay truck-jockey. For his second job, he surfs for a never happy Virtual Surfing outfit. His ex-girlfriend refuses to accept they aren’t a couple anymore and secretly signs him up for a job with her, and his brought-back-to-life brother wants to stay dead next time his CPU freezes.

When Tardi is infected with a sentient alien substance by falling against some coral, the Moogerah Monster comes alive in his mind. This alien, wanting to escape its prison in Brisbane, picks Tardi for its waterman.

Tardi begins his resistance by intending to stay himself. Quite soon he needs to work on how he will stay human. The Monster’s control over him increases. Then the Stormies, a mysterious underclass, claim Tardi as their own. Tamer, they call him. Will they help or hinder his quest to find a cure?

Book cover for Doomed? Book One: Mongrel by Rita de Heer; with Image of surfer riding his board along a a deep blue overarching wave set against an alien planet in a red sky

Canterbury 2100

Canterbury 2100, edited by Dirk Flinthart, is available as an ebook. It’s a larger-a-larger-than-the-sum-of-its-parts anthology with its futurist Canterbury pilgrim stories set in nuclear powered steam train matrix.

As the author of The Carbon Knitter’s Tale, my first published anything, I have not again (yet) been so inspired by a project for an anthology, or so ‘held’ by the brief for its world building and back story. Thank you Dirk, for the opportunity. It was enjoyment plus from the moment I printed out the 12 page ‘history’.

image of book cover for Canterbury 2100, an anthology of tales told by future pilgrims. a pilgrim dressed in hoodie against a background with futurist shuttle and futurist towers