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Canterbury 2100

Canterbury 2100, edited by Dirk Flinthart, is available as an ebook. It’s a larger-than-the-sum-of-its-parts anthology with its futurist Canterbury pilgrim stories set in nuclear powered steam train matrix.

As the author of The Carbon Knitter’s Tale, my first published anything, I have not again (yet) been so inspired by a project for an anthology, or so ‘held’ by the brief for its world building and back story. Thank you Dirk, for the opportunity. It was enjoyment+ from the moment I printed out the 12 page ‘history’.

image of book cover for Canterbury 2100, an anthology of tales told by future pilgrims. a pilgrim dressed in hoodie against a background with futurist shuttle and futurist towers

Worldbuilding Magazine

My story in the above:

Page 47: Scrim’s Story … [Sci Fi, Romance, Genetic Engineering, Explicit by Arit Reede (a pseudonym because at times I need one :-)]

Kate, a normal human teen, is attracted to ‘others’ as so many human girls are. She begins this liaison without knowing much at all.

As she had promised, Kate followed Aunty Jean into the robot-proving ground without a word. Beats testing robots in a transport parking facility. They waded the ebb-tide round the wall separating the scientists’ dormitory village from the proving ground, where the wall ended in the sea to prevent errant robots ingressing. On the beach, Kate read a sign, “Welcome to Hell-city.”

Scrim stood by the window of his high-up, a high bit of a broken building that swayed in every breeze. Like a tree. He chewed the crust he found. The whole top of a loaf of bread. And he picked up a half-eaten fruit this morning. He looked out over his ground. Two Nubies sat folded up in their steel egg- shapes, one at each end of the street. One of them, Yellow Leg (his leg had yellow steel), supposedly slept but probably knew everything going on.

E for Escape

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