Tech Problem + Loss of Commons

Part of Digital Illustration of a Cyborg, iStock

The problem this week I have no name for, apart from the fact that it appears to be a technical hitch.

Some of you can see the actual image in my previous post, Avatar Remaindered Part 12.

Some of you could for three seconds see the image doubled.

Since then the image is represented with the website URL, that needs clicking on to see the paragliders.

That’s all the technical part of the problem.

I haven’t discovered a solution yet.

Sourcing images to illustrate my blog posts has become increasingly difficult, and I frequently suffer through a bout of homesickness for the ‘good old days’ … the good old days of the Internet of about ten years ago I’m talking about, when it was easy to find, copy and paste all kinds of images and reference them in the caption.

In the Middle Ages there was such a thing as a Common in most villages, towns and even cities. Common ground that Internet style was called the Public Domain. In those day we either camped right on the grass or had our crofts nearby.

These days, us commoners are being shouldered aside by the moneyed classes. They set up their compounds all over the grass and indeed the trails we used to use to get places, and their gatekeepers require serious ducats to pay for entry. They all want their coin and I don’t have a bottomless purse.

That’s the loss of the public domain.

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