‘Half Shaman’ Published

Half Shaman is in the process of being distributed. Not all outlets have as yet processed the publication. Click on UBL: https://books2read.com/u/38Q1Bd for publisher and distributor links with more to come

# Series ‘Back to Earth’

Jeb is a half-trained shaman in her community on Lotor, an inimical, constructed planet in the Procyon Star System, when she is taken by Lotor’s sand people and imprisoned in one of their strongholds. After she spends three years in a white cell a group of her people arrive at the same time that the Ark Ship arrives back in orbit and makes itself known to Jeb.

The Ark Ship has come to pick up its people as was promised 200 hundred years ago. Read how Jeb, the only one remaining who knows how to communicate with the starship, leads her people to the last remaining shuttle that can take them to the starship.

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